Official News Bulletin Nº 14

Rome, Saturday July 9, 2016

Today, Rev. Fr. Antonio Vatseba, a Ukrainian priest, celebrated the Holy Mass in the Byzantine rite.  Fr. Vatseba is currently a formator in the International Seminary of the IVE, “San Vitaliano Papa”, in Montefiascone (Italy).

During the first Chapter session, Fr. Antonio Vatseba spoke to us about “Eastern Monasticism as an institutional form of the Religious Life”.  He briefly expounded upon the elements of each Rite that are essential and not disciplinary, the history of the beginnings of Eastern Monasticism from St. Anthony the Abbot, to the rule of St. Basil the Great, etc.  He likewise explained some canons, pointing out both the differences and parallels that exist between the Code of Canon Law for the Latin Rite and the Code of Canon Law for the Eastern Churches.

In the next session, M. María Cor Dulce Begazo Prado, Superior of the Province, “Nuestra Señora de Zarvanytsia” (Ukraine), referenced the beginnings of the mission in Ukraine and the gradual way in which the Institute has made progress in the inculturation of the Gospel, from the time of its arrival in 1999 until today.  She also spoke about the positive assimilation that was able to happen in the knowledge of the Byzantine Rite, even if there is still much about its richness that remains to be more deeply understood.

M. María Meritxell Rodríguez, Superior of the Province, “Nuestra Señora del Destierro” (Egypt y Tunisia), spoke of the experience gained from the mission in Egypt, above all, with regard to the work with the vocations that come from the Coptic Rite. She also commented on the necessity to continue studying the Rite and the challenges that this involves.

In the afternoon, we returned to some topics that had already been treated during the first week of the Chapter work.  The topics proposed had been sent for a more detailed review before being submitted for the approval of the Chapter.  Such topics included the following:

M. Mary Mother of Mercy McDunnough, (new General Economist), presented some proposals relating to economy; M. María de Jesús Doliente Sardá (current Mistress of Novices in the Novitiate of Italy, “Madonna di Loreto”), spoke on topics regarding the Postulancy, and M. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Ambrosio (Superior of the Juniorate “Immaculate Heart of Mary”, of the USA), addressed topics relating to apostolate.

In the final session, M. María Ana de Jesús Carrió (Local Superior of the community that attends the School, “Isabel la Católica”, in San Rafael, Argentina), presented a project on Classical Education that had been studied by the commission formed by the Chapter Mothers that work in apostolates of education.

After Eucharistic Adoration and Vespers, the Good Nights was given by M. María Sophie Pellene, (Local Superior of the community, “Nuestra Señora de las Angustias, in Granada, Spain), on the evangelization of Spain.

In the evening, dinner and recreation were organized by the Mothers from the Province, “Nuestra Señora de Luján” (that includes Argentina and Chile) and from the Delegation “Nuestra Señora de los Buenos Aires” (that includes Paraguay and the Provinces in the Eastern regions of Argentina: Buenos Aires, Santiago del Estero and Santa Fe).

Just as the Mothers from the previous recreations had done, the Mothers from the Province of Argentina presented gifts to express gratitude and acknowledgment to M. María de Anima Christi and to the Mothers from the previous Council, as well as to M. María Corredentora and to the Mothers from the new General Council, and likewise to all the Chapter Mothers.

Tomorrow, on Sunday, there will not be any sessions of Chapter Work. Rather, the Mothers will enjoy a day of rest and will go on different pilgrimages and take advantage of doing other restful activities. The Chapter work will resume on Monday, July 11.



M. María de Bethlehem Pinciroli
Official Spokesperson