Comunicato Capitolare Nº 6

Official News Bulletin Nº 6
Rome, Thursday June 30, 2016


Today, R. Fr. Diego Pombo, Secretary General of the IVE, presided at the Holy Mass and preached the homily, while R. Fr. Alberto Barattero, IVE, Spiritual Father of the SSVM, concelebrated.

During the morning work sessions, M. Maria Corredentora Rodriguez (General Council Member and Provincial Superior of the Province, "Our Lady of Loreto", Italy-Albania), presented the report on the third year of formation that takes place at the International Juniorate in Italy, with the help of an evaluation of the most important aspects, such as the intellectual, spiritual, human, and pastoral dimension.

Next, M. María de Šiluva Mikalonis, (Superior of the International Juniorate, "St. Theresa of Jesus", in Italy), presented the proposals that had been submitted to the General Chapter regarding the subject and studied by the commission comprised of the Superiors of the Juniorates.

During the afternoon sessions, the proposals regarding the Ratio Studiorum of the Institute were evaluated and submitted for the necessary approvals.

The sessions relating to the topic of formation came last, which consisted in an evaluation of the perseverance of the candidates and adaptation to the mission; this work was presented by M. María de la Consolata Carballo (Vicar General of the SSVM).

After the afternoon work was finished, we had Eucharistic Adoration followed by Vespers.  The Good Nights were given by M. María del Redentor Marcianesi, prioress of the Monastery, "St. Edith Stein", of the USA, who spoke about the practice of the virtue of religion and its relation to the theological virtues.

During dinner, some anecdotes from this first week of work were recounted, which served to cultivate the spirit of joy in which we have been living throughout these days.

María de Bethlehem Pinciroli
Official Spokesperson